image of block resist shibori, blue and white volcano diamonds

Pele’s Blue dream #7

Espace Fibre aka E-Space is moving to a new, Pacific locale that will bring V back to her home ocean!   Wherever V is,  she promotes a fine craft & Intermedia art esthetic and dialogue.

Hope you had a chance to experience the legendary Espace, once located in downtown sud-ouest Montréal!?!  Stay tuned for our community  art-research resource centre creations in the new locales! VdW always works with bio-friendly, sustainable natural dye processes to help heal and sustain our beautiful earth.

Her arts practice & work are based on the belief that healthy natural dyeing and fine crafting can heal the planet and us!  All natural dyes are sustainably harvested and fair-traded for over 20 years!  Led by experienced natural dyer and Alchemical Craft Artist Valérie d. Walker,  all experiences she leads are a step towards creating in the best ways possible for our future!
Natural dyes,  Healthy, Happy and Lovely!


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