Natural Dying & Indigo Workshops DEC 2013

Sign up NOW for 1 day workshops in DEC. 2013

Natural Dyes Colours & SAFE Mordanting!    
$85/class  sample fibres & dyestuffs included
Tuesdays/Mardi    10 & 17 Dec.   or/ou  Thursday/Jeudi   12 & 19 Dec.  11 am ->  3:30 pm    

INDIGO BYOF!  Bring your OWN Friends!!!  & FibresFabrics!!   Dye it Together!!
Bring your belle-mere!! Sisters! Friends!    
byofibres = $45/class  (discount for 2 or more sessions!) 
Various projects available for purchase & dyeing.   100% indigo dye vat included (1 dip)
Choice of 2 evening sessions!
Vendredi/Fri. Dec 13, 20  evenings: 6 – 9 pm (18 – 21 hrs) 
 Samedi/Sat.   Dec 7,   21   evenings:  4 – 7 pm
**DIT gift idea! we have a number of organic cotton baby onesies which can be purchased & are ready for you to make your own custom designs &  then do your indigo dyeing!
of course, with an organic dye vat all Fibres are subject to preparation & approval before dyeing,  some fibres may not be acceptable and recommendations can be made…

Indigo is the perfect natural UP-cycle dye!   These one-of-a-kind workshops will allow you to  learn how to prepare your own fibres for indigo dyeing in an organic natural reduction bath,  create simple Shibori-zome (hand-shaped resist, plangi..) patterns,  dip in a 100% indigo dye bath,  and then finish fibres as you wish!   Unique! Enviro-friendly!! Sustainable!!  Lovely!! 🙂



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