Indigo Griots Labyrinth…C:\\

Indigo Griots Labyrinth…C:\\ 

by Helene Brousseau

At the age of the internet we have a different consciousness of the human in some respects. The world becomes a global village. What happens to the Quebec identity in this new paradigm?

With the emergence of a culture that transcends nations, local culture is questioned. What is involved? Immigration, trade, social media? French, in Quebec, represents our roots, but in a society where the pace of technological advancement is exhausting which language takes the lead? Mandarin, JAVA, Spanish, English, C + +?

In the installation C: \ \ we explore aspects of Quebec’s identity through the juxtaposition of traditional crafts to new media. Embroidery, weaving and dyeing rub up against programming language and an interactive sound environment.

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