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ESPACEFIBRE – EnAvril 2012

Galerie Valérie Schedule open
Merc/Weds. – Vendredi/Friday  1300  – 19:00
Sam/Sat  14:00 – 18:00
Dim/Sun  15:00 – 18:00
 by appointment at other times.

All our activities take place at EspaceFibre;  ( artist studios,  dye kitchen and gallery spaces)  located at: 2665 rue Augustin-Cantin,  Montreal, (QC)  H3K 1E2,   2nd floor,    www.espacefibre.com
Metro Charlevoix,   Green Line.


Activities Listed by Date:


April 4 – 30 Avril 2012

Exposition: Indigo Griots: Tales of an urban dyer – Montréal  by Valérie d. Walker. Indigo Griots: Montréal  is an intermedial (analogue -> digital and back again)  lattice of exhibition, performances, artist talks, workshops,  demonstrations and guided studio visits all taking place at EspaceFibre’s dye studios & exhibition space.

For more information follow this link


April 7 Avril:  Guided artist-talk in gallery exhibition by Valérie D. Walker & Helene Brousseau.


April 11 Avril 15:00 – 19:00:  Demonstration of natural indigo dyeing using various resist techniques by VDW or another Indigo Collective member, dye-vat studio space open to viewers,  (by donation).


April 14 & 28 Avril, all day 9:00 – 17:00: Shibori & Indigo dyeing ateliers en Français by Nathalie Tremblay (see description). By reservation only,  cost  $120 (per workshop). 



April 19 Avril, 16 – 21:00: Vernissage  ou  Moitissage  (jeudi / Thursday) ** Exposition opens at 4pm that day!


April 21 Avril, All day  10:00 – 18:00:   Atelier,  Natural Indigo dyeing with silk & wool given by Valérie D. Walker, bilingual (see description of workshop).   By reservation only,  cost  $110 (plus silk&wool materials).


April 25 Avril (this Date still To be Confirmed)   Atelier/demonstration of simple shiboro folding and indigo dyeing  for elementary school children given by Art Education student. 


April 29 Avril:  Guided artist-talk in gallery exhibition by Valérie D. Walker & participating artists.

This Sunday is essentially our closing day, although we may take reservations for Monday, it’ll be back to reality after that!  Regular natural dyeing workshops begin in May!!

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